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About NanoReview

There are so many choices nowadays, especially when it comes to the tech industry. We all want to choose the best smartphone, laptop or monitor, but it’s not the easiest task. You will encounter many problems, like:

  • You have to spend many hours watching youtube, reading reviews and user opinions while manually comparing the pros and cons of each product. Often people don’t have time or desire for that.
  • Many so-called “blogs” are created just for making money from affiliate programs. Often they write articles like “TOP-10 something” or “What’s better this or that” with product cost in mind to get more money from your purchase.

And even when you find quality sources, you can’t easily compare them side-by-side. Some sites allow you to do this, but most of them just display basic specs in a table.

We try to solve these issues by allowing machines to compare and rank products. But not just by specs. For our comparison and ranking algorithms, we use different kinds of data, such as:

  • Metrics from authoritative sources (like DxOMark, Notebookcheck and other)
  • Raw product specifications (like screen resolution, battery capacity, etc)
  • Software benchmarks and tests when possible (AnTuTu, Geekbench, Cinebench)
  • Analyze user opinions via feature-based sentiment analysis (in the future we are planning to use only platforms where it’s possible to verify if the author really bought a product)

Every product type (like CPU, phone, watch) has its formulas for evaluating specs, metrics, reviews and other kinds of data. Also, we try to regularly train our ML models.

Our current e-mail: nanoreviewnet@gmail.com