Dell Inspiron 16 Plus 7610

Dell Inspiron 16 Plus 7610
  • Launched: April 2021
  • Screen-to-body ratio: ~84.4%
  • Dimensions: 355.2 x 247.5 x 16.8-18.9 mm (13.98 x 9.74 x 0.66-0.74 inches)
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Tests and Specifications

Detailed tests and technical specifications of the Dell Inspiron 16 Plus 7610


Weight 2.01 kg (4.43 lbs)
Dimensions 355.2 x 247.5 x 16.8-18.9 mm
13.98 x 9.74 x 0.66-0.74 inches
Area 879 cm2 (136.2 inches2)
Screen-to-body ratio ~84.4%
Side bezels 5.3 mm
Colors Blue
Transformer No
Opening angle 140°
Cooling solution
Cooling system Active
Vapor chamber No
Number of fans 3
Noise level (max. load) 50 dB


Size 16 inches
Refresh rate 60 Hz
PPI 226 ppi
Aspect ratio 16:10
Resolution 3072 x 1920 pixels
HDR support Yes, Dolby Vision
Touchscreen No
Coating Matte
Display tests
Contrast 1000:1
sRGB color space 99.4%
Adobe RGB profile 75.8%
DCI-P3 color gamut 74.1%
Response time 35 ms
Max. brightness
300 nits


Voltage 13.2 V
Battery type Li-Po
Replaceable No
Fast charging Yes
USB Power Delivery Yes
Charging port position Left
Charge power 90 / 130 W
Weigh of AC adapter 486 grams


CPU name
Base frequency 2.2-2.7 GHz
Turbo frequency 4.5 GHz
Cores 6
Threads 12
L3 Cache 12 MB
Integrated GPU Intel UHD Graphics for 11th Gen (16 EU)
Fabrication process 10 nm


Geekbench 5 (Single-Core)
Geekbench 5 (Multi-Core)
Cinebench R23 (Single-Core)
Cinebench R23 (Multi-Core)

Graphics Card

GPU name
TGP 65 W
Nvidia Optimus Yes
Type Dedicated
Fabrication process 8 nm
GPU base clock 1237 MHz
GPU boost clock 1500 MHz
Memory size 4 GB
Memory type GDDR6
Memory bus 128 bit
Memory speed 12 Gbps
Shading units (cores) 2048
Texture mapping units (TMUs) 64
Raster operations pipelines (ROPs) 40
GPU performance


RAM size
Channels 2x4 GB
Clock 3200 MHz
Type DDR4
Upgradable Yes
Total slots 2
Max. ram size 32 GB


Storage size
Bus PCI-E Gen 4.0 (4x)
Storage type SSD (M2)
Channels 1x256 GB
Upgradable Yes
Total slots 2
NVMe Yes


Audio chip Realtek ALC3204
Speakers 2.0
Power 2x2W
Dolby Atmos No
Loudness 75.3 dB
Microphones 2


Wi-Fi standard v6
Bluetooth v5.2
Fingerprint Optional
Optical drive No
Webcam Above the display
Webcam resolution 1280 x 720
USB-A 2x USB 3.2
USB Type-C 1x USB 3.2
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 4
HDMI 1x HDMI 2.0
DisplayPort No
Audio jack (3.5 mm) Yes
Ethernet (RJ45) No
SD card reader Yes
Proprietary charging port Yes


Keyboard type Island
Numpad Yes
Backlight Yes
Key travel 1.3 mm
Size 13.5 x 9.0 cm
Windows Precision Yes


Annoyed Owner 10 February 2023 16:43
Terrible laptop, DO NOT BUY Ongoing touchpad issues, Dell know all about it, but will deny all knowledge, claim it is fixed, change your touchpad for another faulty one, or even advise you to perform a bodge solder repair (from their own support forum!) Dell's highly skilled timewasting team will suck the life force right out of you, but will not ever actually help you. Also, if you post about the issue on their forums, they will just delete your post. You are entitled to a refund, even after the warranty period. Write to them at their registered address. In the UK: Dell Corp Ltd Dell House, The Boulevard, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1LF Point out that they are breaking the law, the laptop fails to satisfy the provisions of [The Consumer Rights Act 2015] as it is not: - Of reasonable quality – The touchpad has a design fault. - Fit for purpose – The touchpad does not function and the device is unusable for its intended purpose. - For a reasonable period of time – A reasonable period has not elapsed.
+3 Reply
Marc William Moffatt 21 June 2022 10:18
Hi, I purchased this crock of s--t in January 2020 after my last purchase was in December 2021 with was a crock of s--t b broken keys none in stock could not be replaced even though I located dell parts in America, dells response, not a sauced supplier can not use, crap. Anyway, this one has touchpad problems that started less than a month into its purchase. Not enough room to tell you how difficult contact with dell was and the lack of urgency and lies I had been told. It appears I might get a Dell 16 7620 replacement by the 18th of July might get a replacement ???? still no yes or no, will I have the same problems with the touchpad or bios (whatever) as the kids would say today. I hope everyone has a nice day today, haha.
+17 Reply
John t 29 December 2021 14:08
These reviews must be fake because my experience has been totally the opposite. I have no issues with keyboards or trackpads or heating or anything else. This laptop is a beast and works brilliantly as expected. I have used it on the most intense games like msfs 2020 with no issues and similarly on some huge spreadsheets which it handles seamlessly. It's the best value around in terms of gaming plus normal PC grunt and the best laptop I've owned. Finally, cosmetically it looks the part.
+24 Reply
Annoyed Owner 10 February 2023 16:36
Nope, they all fail at some point and Dell will not help you.
+2 Reply
Chad 03 December 2021 03:11
Erratic malfunctioning trackpad, and a keyboard that misses keystrokes randomly. This is the nicest-looking 1,400.00 paperweight I have ever bought. Stay away!
+9 Reply
Chathura 11 November 2021 17:07
Don't buy this laptop. It has a serious touchpad issue. Heating problems etc. Dell support stopped responding to me and didn't even send me a replacement saying it's out of stock.
+24 Reply
Andy Turfer 09 October 2021 00:10
Please don't buy this laptop - it will bring you heartache and grief. There is a serious defect with the touchpad. Sometimes it will work for a few hours, then it will be mostly unresponsive and erratic. Search the Internet, many users and complaining about this issue. Unless you don't use the touchpad and always have a mouse, the Inspiron 16 Plus is not fit for purpose. Dell should perform a recall (or offer to fix/replace all defective units).
+29 Reply
Adam Mulkey 06 September 2021 05:34
I've had a lot of trouble with this laptop. It randomly shut down several times throughout the day, and the trackpad would randomly stop working. I got a replacement computer through Dell, but the second computer only worked for a few hours, then it stopped turning on at all. I ended up getting a refund and going with a different laptop altogether. I really wanted this to work, as it has every feature I could want in a beautiful package, but all of that doesn't matter if the basics don't work.
+23 Reply
Geoff Harris 27 August 2021 22:47
I stretched my budget in order to get the reliability of a Dell instead of an HP or Lenovo. I couldn't afford an XPS and thought the Inspiron 16 Plus 7610 would be a solid alternative. I'm not a gamer and primarily use my laptop for home and home business requirements, and I travel a fair amount. Unfortunately, after spending nearly 20 hours on the phone and online with their New Customer support group (Ronaldo was terrific!) the first unit Dell sent to me immediately started to randomly shut down for no reason. The touchpad didn't work properly and one of the fans didn't work. Two in-home tech visits later, I sent it back for a replacement. When the new one arrived, Ronaldo was again a huge help getting me set up. Thankfully, the second laptop isn't randomly shutting down, and the fans all seem to work. HOWEVER, after only a few days, the touchpad on this one is also a problem. Often, the cursor won't move or is very herky-jerky. It also doesn't do well with small movements and will 'vibrate'. Screens and websites will randomly open or close as I move the cursor across the screen. The left and right buttons sometimes require multiple clicks before the computer responds, and scrolling is often difficult. As much as I like the features of the Inspiron 16 Plus 7610, if they can't get the touchpad issues resolved quickly, I will send back this laptop, get my money back and have to look for something else.
+85 Reply