Snapdragon 680 vs Snapdragon 678

We compared two 8-core processors: Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 (with Adreno 610 graphics) and Snapdragon 678 (Adreno 612). Here you will find the pros and cons of each chip, technical specs, and comprehensive tests in benchmarks, like AnTuTu and Geekbench.


General comparison of performance, power consumption, and other indicators
CPU Performance
Single and multi-core processor tests
Gaming Performance
GPU performance in games and OpenCL/Vulcan
Battery life
Efficiency of battery consumption
NanoReview Score
Overall chip score

Key Differences

Main differences and advantages of each chip
Pros of Qualcomm Snapdragon 680
  • Has a smaller size transistor (6 versus 11 nm)
  • Higher GPU frequency (~32%)
  • Announced 11-months later
  • 9% higher CPU clock speed (2400 vs 2200 MHz)
  • Supports 14% higher memory bandwidth (17 against 14.9 GB/s)
  • Better instruction set architecture
Pros of Qualcomm Snapdragon 678
  • Shows better (up to 6%) AnTuTu 9 score – 285K vs 268K
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Performance tests in popular benchmarks

AnTuTu 9

The AnTuTu Benchmark measures CPU, GPU, RAM, and I/O performance in different scenarios
CPU 81885 101216
GPU 48510 51346
Memory 64789 48181
UX 71783 82701
Total score 268528 285957

GeekBench 5

The GeekBench test shows raw single-threaded and multithreaded CPU performance
Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score
Image compression - 102.6 Mpixels/s
Face detection - 14.5 images/s
Speech recognition - 26.9 words/s
Machine learning - 18.2 images/s
Camera shooting - 15.9 images/s
HTML 5 - 2.05 Mnodes/s
SQLite - 536.6 Krows/s


A cross-platform benchmark that assesses graphics performance in Vulkan (Metal)
3DMark Wild Life Performance
Stability 99% 99%
Graphics test 2 FPS 2 FPS
Score 443 482


Table of average FPS and graphics settings in mobile games
PUBG Mobile 59 FPS
41 FPS
Call of Duty: Mobile 60 FPS
40 FPS
Fortnite 23 FPS
24 FPS
Shadowgun Legends 65 FPS
54 FPS
World of Tanks Blitz 62 FPS
59 FPS
Genshin Impact 26 FPS
14 FPS
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 54 FPS
48 FPS
Device Xiaomi Redmi Note 11
1080 x 2400
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10
1080 x 2400
We provide average results. FPS may differ, depending on game version, OS and other factors.


Full list of technical specifications of Snapdragon 680 and Snapdragon 678


Architecture 4x 2.4 GHz – Kryo 265 Gold (Cortex-A73)
4x 1.9 GHz – Kryo 265 Silver (Cortex-A53)
2x 2.2 GHz – Kryo 460 Gold (Cortex-A76)
6x 1.7 GHz – Kryo 460 Silver (Cortex-A55)
Cores 8 8
Frequency 2400 MHz 2200 MHz
Instruction set ARMv8.2-A ARMv8-A
L1 cache - 16 KB
L2 cache - 256 KB
Process 6 nanometers 11 nanometers
TDP - 6 W


GPU name Adreno 610 Adreno 612
Architecture Adreno 600 Adreno 600
GPU frequency 1114 MHz 845 MHz
Execution units 2 2
Shading units 96 96
FLOPS - 354 Gigaflops
Vulkan version 1.1 1.1
OpenCL version 2.0 2.0
DirectX version 12 12


Memory type LPDDR4X LPDDR4X
Memory frequency 2133 MHz 1866 MHz
Bus 2x 16 Bit 2x 16 Bit
Max bandwidth 17 Gbit/s 14.9 Gbit/s
Max size 8 GB 8 GB

Multimedia (ISP)

Neural processor (NPU) Hexagon 686 Hexagon 685
Storage type eMMC 5.1, UFS 2.2 eMMC 5.1, UFS 2.1
Max display resolution 2520 x 1080 2520 x 1080
Max camera resolution 1x 64MP, 2x 16MP 1x 192MP, 2x 25MP
Video capture 1K at 60FPS 4K at 30FPS
Video playback 1080p at 60FPS 4K at 30FPS
Video codecs H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9 H.264, H.265, VP9
Audio codecs AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV


Modem X11 X12
4G support LTE Cat. 13 LTE Cat. 12
5G support No No
Download speed Up to 390 Mbps Up to 600 Mbps
Upload speed Up to 150 Mbps Up to 150 Mbps
Wi-Fi 5 5
Bluetooth 5.1 5.0
Navigation GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS, NAVIC GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS


Announced October 2021 December 2020
Class Mid range Mid range
Model number SM6225 SM6150-AC
Official page Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 official site Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 official site

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Please give your opinion on the comparison of Snapdragon 678 and Snapdragon 680, or ask any questions
Duy 11 January 2023 11:25
snap 680 lags snap 678 slightly in performance, but 680 is less heat-emitting and saves battery life much better. Overall, I choose snap 680.
0 Reply
Ali sam 25 September 2022 07:06
Sd 680 is just a over locked version of sd 665, Qualcomm released 665 in 2019 than they slightly over locked it and named it 662 then in 2021 they furthermore over locked it's GPU and Lil bit in cpu and named it 680, I think Qualcomm just copying the strategy of mediatek, remember helio p35 than g35 than further g37.
+17 Reply
Uwu 13 September 2022 08:25
Im using snapdragon 680 right now and the gpu frequency is not 600mhz its actually ranges from 320 to 1114 mhz and to prove that i used 3 benchmark apps 1 that requires root and they give me same results (1.114ghz clock speed)
+22 Reply
Sergey 14 September 2022 10:02
Ok, it good to hear. Thank you for a comment :)
+1 Reply
Unknown guy 24 August 2022 04:44
After using each processor 680 gave me the overall best performance, you can't run heavy games at High settings but if you want a processor for overall great performance maybe 680 is best.
+10 Reply
Steve 20 August 2022 05:42
The reason that sd 680 has better stats in the game is that it is newer and just more optimized, and in reality, sd 678 is still better.
+9 Reply
yousef 14 August 2022 14:31
Is there an upcoming update for Redmi note 11 running 40 frames or more and that the SD 680 processor supports 60 frames?
0 Reply
Random Guy Passing 29 April 2022 16:55
So I do a lil research about this 680. They say that this chipset is an upgraded version of 662 and definitely a downgrade from 678. But after I use it for the game, 680 is way better than 662, I've never use 678 but I'm pretty sure that these stats are accurate.
+86 Reply
Research 26 April 2022 14:30
680 won... 680 has 6nm while 678 has 11nm, which means less heat, fewer frame drops, long battery life, and longer life for the phone.
+79 Reply
Guan 18 April 2022 15:26
the score seem suspicious
+13 Reply
Mind 20 March 2022 06:41
I'm using rmn11. It's not as good as expected even with some common tasks
+47 Reply
Lexitius 10 February 2022 16:10
Want a Disappoint for a Qualcomm 680 I don't believe the only thing that makes "Better" is the "6 nanometers", but Why steel is Better SD 678 look that: 12% 280626 more power, +44% on a Single Core, and its the Key: (2x 2.2 GHz – Kryo 460 Gold (Cortex-A76) 6x 1.7 GHz – Kryo 460 Silver (Cortex-A55) better set of instructión than DS680, Adreno 612, X12 Connectivity, I prefer a better optimization than an experimental technology with a bad optimization for these times.
+63 Reply
Syed Abdul Majid 08 August 2022 22:33
I don't buy just 6nm form factor, I believe which hardware is performing well. I don't buy sd680 devices I prefer sd678. Battery life diff. Only a few mins less than an hour
+3 Reply
Mirza 30 January 2022 04:59
Which is good for battery life? Please suggest? Redmi note 10 or 11?
+149 Reply
guest_user_3561 31 January 2022 16:06
Note 11. Without hesitation.
+56 Reply
meh 14 June 2022 17:50
guest_user_3561, Check gsmarena battery life ratings, not so simple bout no hesitation
0 Reply
IIno 29 January 2022 03:07
Don't forget 4k recordings
+47 Reply
Hello123 27 January 2022 18:20
6 nanometers vs 11 nanometers 680 fully won. 6w*6w = 36w^2 vs 11w*11w = 121w^2 3.5x smaller, 3.5x heatless, power consumption less too much in the same performance. 680 fully won completely.
+63 Reply
Fll 26 January 2022 22:58
it looks like Snapdragon 678 is slightly faster than Snapdragon 680, but it also uses much more power. So, in my opinion, 680 is better because much longer battery life is a good tradeoff for a little bit slower performance.
+34 Reply
Sigh 31 January 2022 15:01
44% faster single core is a little bit?
+19 Reply
Wews 10 February 2022 14:44
Sigh, is 44% faster single-core is a little bit? in benchmarks no, but in real life yes. Like sd 888 which has an increase at 200 points in geekbench over the sd 865, but in real life, they are just too powerful that we cant feel which processor is faster. It all comes down to the software whether it's optimized or not
+13 Reply
karl 26 January 2022 13:54
I came here too early compare Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 10 and I can already see Redmi Note 10 is better in some aspects, this is still early we'll see if Note 11 could beat Note 10
+46 Reply
Karl 14 February 2022 07:58
My opinion has changed a lot since using Redmi Note 11. Battery usage for daily use is *chef's kiss* 14-16 hours (minimum brightness) while gaming can last for about 10-12 hours (minimum and half brightness). Gaming performance isn't that bad, less frame drop, no heating issues, and smooth. Just hoping future optimization can make my gameplay more smooth. Also, I could test this phone for 16 hours because I'm currently on lockdown. Results might differ for your RN 11 so I suggest turning on Dark mode and putting the refresh rate to 60 in order to have battery results like mine.
+18 Reply
Alsa 02 March 2022 07:33
Karl, Hey can u check if your phone can get 60 fps in bgmi with gfx tool?
0 Reply
Karl 26 March 2022 14:38
Alsa, What do you mean by bgmi? Is it Battlegrounds Mobile India? Well I'll try it soon when I have time, also sorry for being 24 days late
+1 Reply
Karl 29 March 2022 04:00
Karl, I'm convinced, SD 680 is better in most aspects than SD 678. MIUI 13.0.9 update pretty much improved a lot of things in RN 11. As a former RN 10 owner, I can now say RN 11 is a better phone to buy.
+7 Reply
zone 13 January 2022 13:38
680 uses A73 cortex which is kinda outdated. But the overall performance is good for a budget SoC. Definitely won't call it a gaming processor but you can do light and medium if you want. The main highlight is multimedia playback time and awesome battery backup. Can easily last for >2 days on light usage. And >1 day with heavy usage.
+16 Reply
damn 10 January 2022 09:09
680 kinda trash, the "6nm" just a cheap gimmick.
+17 Reply
helper 11 January 2022 03:34
That gimmick saves a ton of power, and minimum power consumption is one of the biggest features of a mobile device.
+54 Reply
Johnny VN 27 January 2022 08:34
No. 6nm is very important between performance and power consumption. The thing that mobile phone needed most.
+6 Reply
Duy 28 January 2022 02:44
helper, sadly it's samsung 6nm. then a73 vs a76, i don't really expect much from this 680.
+10 Reply
Faraz 10 February 2022 13:39
helper, 4 big cores of older architecture A73 vs only 2 big core of A76. That 6 nm will just be compromised. & A year ago 720G was cheaper than this 678. Due to inflation and chip shortage, they went for this cheap gimmick.
0 Reply
Karl 14 February 2022 08:01
It's not a cheap gimmick, I'm an RN 11 user and I could confirm that the battery lasts longer and there are almost no heating issues. Research first before you talk boi 🗿
+28 Reply
Meme 06 June 2022 11:42
Duy, Actually, the SD680 is manufactured by TSMC, not Samsung, which is a huge upgrade compared to the SD678's 11NM LPP (Low Power Plus) from Samsung.
+9 Reply