MediaTek Dimensity 9000

MediaTek Dimensity 9000

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 – an 8-core chipset that was announced on November 18, 2021, and is manufactured using a 4-nanometer process technology. It has 1 core Cortex-X2 at 3050 MHz, 3 cores Cortex-A710 at 2850 MHz, and 4 cores Cortex-A510 at 1800 MHz.

CPU Performance
Gaming Performance
Battery life
NanoReview Score


Performance tests in popular benchmarks

AnTuTu 9

The AnTuTu Benchmark measures CPU, GPU, RAM, and I/O performance in different scenarios
MediaTek Dimensity 9000
CPU 257633
GPU 392328
Memory 188783
UX 183037
Total score 1012754

GeekBench 5

The GeekBench test shows raw single-threaded and multithreaded CPU performance
Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score


A cross-platform benchmark that assesses graphics performance in Vulkan (Metal)
3DMark Wild Life Performance
Stability 84%
Graphics test 47 FPS
Score 8001


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Phones with Dimensity 9000AnTuTu v9
1. Xiaomi Redmi K50 Pro1024786
2. Vivo X80975165


Detailed specifications of the Dimensity 9000 SoC with Mali-G710 graphics


Architecture 1x 3.05 GHz – Cortex-X2
3x 2.85 GHz – Cortex-A710
4x 1.8 GHz – Cortex-A510
Cores 8
Frequency 3050 MHz
Instruction set ARMv9-A
L1 cache 1024 KB
L2 cache 3.5 MB
L3 cache 8 MB
Process 4 nanometers


GPU name Mali-G710
Architecture Valhall 3
GPU frequency 850 MHz
Execution units 10
Shading units 512
Vulkan version 1.1
OpenCL version 2.0
DirectX version 12


Memory type LPDDR5X
Memory frequency 3750 MHz
Bus 4x 16 Bit
Max bandwidth 60 Gbit/s
Max size 24 GB

Multimedia (ISP)

Neural processor (NPU) Yes
Storage type UFS 3.1
Max display resolution 2960 x 1440
Max camera resolution 1x 320MP, 3x 32MP
Video capture 4K at 60FPS
Video playback 4K at 60FPS
Video codecs H.264, H.265, AV1, VP9
Audio codecs AAC LC, MP3, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, FLAC


4G support LTE Cat. 24
5G support Yes
Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.3
Navigation GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS, NAVIC


Announced November 2021
Class Flagship
Model number MT6983
Official page MediaTek Dimensity 9000 official site


Mef 23 August 2022 06:47
There must be a mistake. It's almost impossible that this chip has 4W tdp. XD unless it's an alien tech.
0 Reply
Quân 25 August 2022 06:40
It's not a mistake, because this is an ARM chip so it has good perf but low TDP. Just look at Apple M2
+2 Reply
sarthak 07 September 2022 09:02
Quân, apple m2 tap at full load is approx. 30 watts
0 Reply
Zhinazhu 16 August 2022 02:17
I hope he can be used on Samsung's mobile phone, but unfortunately, the inferior Samsung Semiconductor will not allow the mobile phone department to do so.
0 Reply
Luscious Lopez 03 April 2022 05:55
Want to check his real specifications go to mediatek website...this can only shoot in 4k 60fps not 8k 30fps
+31 Reply
Sergey 03 April 2022 18:53
Yes, but there are info that it can capture 8K in 24 FPS.
+20 Reply
Yzn 31 March 2022 18:38
Why did just one device use this perfect chipset?
+138 Reply
M.J 16 March 2022 12:44
At least this chip doesn't have many heating issues compared to its Qualcomm counterparts.
+58 Reply
Mtws 16 March 2022 03:46
Hope this chip work as well as sd 8 gen 1 in the Vivo x80 pro.
+45 Reply
Shroud 13 January 2022 09:38
The mobile gaming platform is worthless. So don't waste money.
+188 Reply
Aizzu 15 January 2022 07:50
Don't put hate on MediaTek too much just respect it they take a long time to discover a new chipset.
+195 Reply
Vatsal 07 February 2022 15:37
It has 50% gaming industry market revenue in many countries.
+57 Reply
lol 17 February 2022 17:21
Aizzu, "discover"? Do they find these chips in the amazon forest or smth?
+14 Reply
Aizzu 19 February 2022 18:59
lol, We learn from mistake, i will fix the grammar
+29 Reply
B33v5 12 March 2022 07:27
Nah, time is more valuable for those who have money to spare. You can’t be sitting at your desk for hours playing games on your pc if you have a job. Gaming in short sessions on phones when you want to take a break from work is the better choice.
+13 Reply
Pangeran 26 March 2022 08:44
How do you know?
0 Reply
apyk6 26 March 2022 12:55
B33v5, Do bear in mind that playing games on mobile devices are some people's job...
+1 Reply
Acier 26 June 2022 15:39
The only reason I prefer gaming on phones is that I have a life, unlike you "PC Gamer" who sits on his desktop every day playing league of legends 24/7. Go touch grass.
+6 Reply
Acier 26 June 2022 15:41
I prefer mobile gaming because I want to use it anywhere, and it's an exaggeration to compare phones to pc.
+7 Reply
Lor3nz 01 July 2022 12:55
Acier, A bit harsh, but you have a point.
0 Reply
ferrari1 19 September 2022 19:45
Acier, Mobile gaming allows me to bike around the city and I would game at the park or some restaurant.
0 Reply
Da bobby 24 December 2021 19:05
No offense but since the chip hasn't been tested for gaming why did u just randomly rate its gaming performance, that's way off my guy.
+86 Reply
koki 01 January 2022 00:36
I don't know why, sorry. I even don't know what you're talkin' 'bout exactly...
+38 Reply
Aizzu 08 January 2022 05:25
Well at least we still can use it the performance is very enough for your game
+30 Reply
fortune 02 February 2022 08:27
Aizzu, the performance is not only good enough it is better than the snapdragon 8gen 1...because MediaTek now has access to newer arm cores like Samsung and Qualcomm has over the years they can now produce better chips beside the dimensity 9000 was fabricated using TSMC's 4nm node which is far superior to Samsung's own which was used to fabricate the snapdragon 8gen 1....this is the reason why Qualcomm has decided to use TSMC's node for the 8gen 1 plus that they would be releasing later in the year...
+13 Reply
Aizzu 19 February 2022 18:57
fortune, Of course, it did better at least dimensity 9000 did surpass a14 bionic, a14 bionic is the really fast chipset
+13 Reply
Aizzu 19 February 2022 19:05
fortune, But Snapdragon 8 gen 1 Price Is Very Higher Than Dimensity 9000 and Snapdragon 8 gen 1 Only Beat In GPU But Mediatek Dimensity 9000 Overall Best Chipset With Powerful CPU And 40%, 50% Energy Efficient Than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 And Dimensity 9000 Price Significantly Low Than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
+27 Reply
Random Name 24 December 2021 03:14
MediaTek is getting Fired Up Lately 🔥
+31 Reply
Strong Storm 20 December 2021 18:40
The geekbench score is wrong. Single-Core: 1273 Multi-Core: 4324
+108 Reply
honey 26 December 2021 00:03
The single-core mark is always lower than multicore, but more important!
+26 Reply
SoCgeek 15 February 2022 06:46
Multi-core goes up to 4474 on a crappy prototype device... So we expect 400k or more score in gfx and more or less 280 k in CPU (antutu benchmark)
+7 Reply
FenzyD 18 December 2021 17:25
Nice chip from mtk keep up the good work
+54 Reply