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Exynos 2100 vs A14 Bionic

We compared the 8-core Samsung Exynos 2100 (Mali-G78 MP14) with the older 6-core Apple A14 Bionic (Apple GPU) SoC. Here you will find the pros and cons of each chip, technical specs, and comprehensive tests in benchmarks, like AnTuTu and Geekbench.


General comparison of performance, power consumption, and other indicators
CPU Performance
Single and multi-core processor tests
Gaming Performance
GPU performance in games and OpenCL/Vulcan
Battery life
Efficiency of battery consumption
NanoReview Score
Overall chip score

Key Differences

Main differences and advantages of each chip
Pros of Samsung Exynos 2100
  • Has 2 more cores
  • Supports 20% higher memory bandwidth (51.2 against 42.7 GB/s)
  • Shows better (up to 13%) AnTuTu 8 score – 680K vs 600K
Pros of Apple A14 Bionic
  • 7% higher CPU clock speed (3100 vs 2900 MHz)


Performance tests in popular benchmarks

AnTuTu 8

The AnTuTu Benchmark measures CPU, GPU, RAM, and I/O performance in different scenarios
CPU 198813 173864
GPU 275313 208037
Memory 123685 106696
UX 87930 93575
Total score 680485 600776
AnTuTu results from iOS and Android are not directly comparable! They won't affect NanoReview scores.

GeekBench 5

The GeekBench test shows raw single-threaded and multithreaded CPU performance
Single-Core Score
A14 Bionic +46%
Multi-Core Score
Image compression 170.5 Mpixels/s 174.85 Mpixels/s
Face detection 26.7 images/s 33.7 images/s
Speech recognition 64.15 words/s 95.65 words/s
Machine learning 51.35 images/s 95.8 images/s
Camera shooting 33.9 images/s 38.45 images/s
HTML 5 3.21 Mnodes/s 4.59 Mnodes/s
SQLite 970.15 Krows/s 1060 Krows/s


Full list of technical specifications of Exynos 2100 and A14 Bionic


Architecture 1x 2.9 GHz – Cortex-X1
3x 2.8 GHz – Cortex-A78
4x 2.2 GHz – Cortex-A55
2x 3.1 GHz – Firestorm
4x 1.8 GHz – Icestorm
Cores 8 6
Frequency 2900 MHz 3100 MHz
Instruction set ARMv8.4-A ARMv8.4-A
L3 cache - 8 MB
Process 5 nanometers 5 nanometers
Transistor count - 11.8 billion
TDP 9 W 6 W


GPU name Mali-G78 MP14 Apple GPU
Architecture Vallhall 2 -
GPU frequency 760 MHz -
Execution units 14 4
Shading units 224 -
Vulkan version 1.1 -
OpenCL version 2.0 -
DirectX version 12 -


Memory type LPDDR5 LPDDR5
Memory frequency 3200 MHz -
Bus 4x 16 Bit -
Max bandwidth 51.2 Gbit/s 42.7 Gbit/s
Max size 16 GB 6 GB

Multimedia (ISP)

Neural processor (NPU) Yes Neural Engine
Storage type UFS 3.1 NVMe
Max display resolution 4096 x 2160 2732 x 2048
Max camera resolution 1x 200MP, 2x 32MP -
Video capture 8K at 30FPS, 4K at 120FPS 4K at 60FPS
Video playback 8K at 60FPS 4K at 60FPS
Video codecs H.264, H.265, AV1, VP9 H.264, H.265, VP9, Motion JPEG
Audio codecs AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV, AC-3, E-AC-3, AAX, AAX+


4G support LTE Cat. 24 LTE Cat. 18
5G support Yes Yes
Download speed Up to 3000 Mbps -
Upload speed Up to 422 Mbps -
Wi-Fi 6 6
Bluetooth 5.2 5.0
Navigation GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, NAVIC GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo


Announced December 2020 September 2020
Class Flagship Flagship
Model number - APL1W01
Official page Samsung Exynos 2100 official site -

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1487 (36.3%)
Total votes: 4100


Please give your opinion on the comparison of A14 Bionic and Exynos 2100, or ask any questions
the Samsung Exynos 2100 09 June 2021 12:35
or the Apple A14 Bionic?
+23 Reply
xulleyka 19 May 2021 18:53
Im a fan & using apple product. Iphone, ipad, mcbook pro. Now for gadget im already switch to android. Conclusion. Performance & friendly =apple Usefull & worth it =android + now with better performance & cheaper than apple.
+21 Reply
bruhboi 16 May 2021 16:27
while both are awesome processors that will get you through at least 5-6 years, i think that the a14's better optimization with the remaining components of the phone are going to make it a bit stronger than the exynos. but you shouldn't get an iphone or a samsung just based on their chipsets. you also need to compare the displays, cameras, os and even storage. as someone who has used both flagship samsungs (s4 and note2) and also a 5s while it was very strong, i would prefer the easy use of ios to the freedom of android. depends on what kind of person you are.
+3 Reply
Rifat jisan 21 April 2021 18:23
I love samsung phones more than apple.because it's design and performance is better than apple i phone...although, bionic cheap's performance is good...we also compare apple iphone with under 10k mobile phones,,,,😂😂😂😂
+27 Reply
hassan 19 April 2021 12:14
that says the chep A14 is the best chep ever launched until apple has already canceled the contract with intel, that means macbook saw equipped with A14bionic the chip but faster than ever
+10 Reply
Naval128 04 July 2021 09:42
The A14 Bionic is great, but it's nothing compared to the M1. Especially that laptops usually don't need to be as efficient as mobile phones, so I think Apple will just stick with the M1.
+1 Reply
Uska bf 26 March 2021 10:23
I will choose exynos 2100
+21 Reply
super 23 February 2021 11:53
in gaming a14 is fast in opening and Exynos 2100 is faster in other app and we high ram management in new Exynos 2100 compare to a14 and a14 has less reload time then Exynos 2100 which make apple advantage and Exynos 2100 has super smooth touch compare to A14 moral of the point ,,,both are amazing
+27 Reply
Prathu 21 February 2021 19:35
I have S21 Ultra with Exynos 2100 and am very satisfied with its performance. I am a Samsung user and I don't use IPhone so can't comment about iPhone but at least Exynos 2100 is extremely fast for a smartphone.
+17 Reply
ok. 04 February 2021 15:36
Exynos 2100 and A14 are both the best.
+28 Reply
Anime 26 February 2021 13:29
You are not a hater that's the kind of person we need to make YouTube channel
+6 Reply
DungeonMaster 01 February 2021 00:24
Now IPones have 0 advantage against other phones. [Officially IPhone is crap]
+36 Reply
Nou 06 February 2021 04:29
Nah Iphones are still one of the fastest chip in a smartphone
+25 Reply
Dumb ass 07 February 2021 08:20
Agreed "on paper" But not in daily life usage 😂
+14 Reply
Teddy 16 February 2021 21:40
Dumb ass, Your name is very fitting, these on paper results you are refusing to are always screwed towards android devices as it runs it’s own engine to test the devices and iPhone rely on the extensive optimization that is in its operating system, regardless of its on paper results the iPhone will always be faster as long as Samsung continues to use android...
+19 Reply
you are wrong 19 February 2021 23:49
Nou, exynos is faster than Apple A14
+12 Reply
Jeff 21 February 2021 13:23
Make no mistake, the A14 is still the fastest by quite a long shot. And I'm a HUGE android fan, but facts are facts
+14 Reply
Lufdhamsda 11 March 2021 12:02
Well yes. Its called the Apple ecosystem. If you´re a designer, web developer or creator the apple ecosystem is the best choice for you (if you can affort it).
0 Reply
You are wrrong 09 April 2021 05:02
Jeff , No mistake, 2100 are the fastest chip in the world, false android fan
+1 Reply
Nou 23 April 2021 14:51
You are wrrong, *You are wrrong*, The A14 is faster. The anttu is better on Exynos as it is more optimised for android than iOS
+2 Reply
Nah 26 June 2021 13:08
you are wrong, Exynos and A14 run different Operating systems
+2 Reply
Hello 30 June 2021 07:44
you are wrong, Bro actually you are right but samsung own software kills it greater hardware due to thermal throttling the antutu score reduces on 3rd round and also samsung s21 will be hottest phone(temperature 🤣) but on other hand iphone 12 score remains unchanged it might get little warm but score either drops by 0.5% or sometimes it increases that's ios 14 for one ui 3.0 and also gaming wise a14 chip is best and beast because of stability in frame rate note I am a samsung user (exynos 9825)
0 Reply
A14 27 January 2021 10:49
A14 is the best processor.
+40 Reply
Aariz Rahimtulla Shaikh 13 February 2021 04:02
No M1 is the best processor
+12 Reply
Felo 16 April 2021 19:56
Aariz Rahimtulla Shaikh , Well It's Laptop Processor
+2 Reply
IamMoron 22 January 2021 21:17
Everyone’s picking the Exynos chip. The only reason theyre doing that is because they can’t accept that Apple has better performance and all the Samsung fanboys are getting so triggered rn 😂😂😂
+79 Reply
Abel 23 January 2021 14:41
Nah, you're just mad people aren't fanboying as much over Apple as you are.
+58 Reply
lol 01 February 2021 06:41
Abel, apple is literally faster in video rendering by like 3x
+7 Reply
Idk 01 February 2021 15:18
IamMoron I know right, the A14 is much ahead
+7 Reply
Leo 05 February 2021 08:37
lol, Do you use video rendering?
+7 Reply
Yash 10 February 2021 20:23
Normally Everyone want to choose A14 and Exynos 2100, but legendary will choose Snapdragon 888....;-) This is the father of Chipset in 2021.
+6 Reply
Asura 04 March 2021 09:42
Yash, Snapdgragon 888 is. better...and the power optimisation is better than Exynos 2100
+2 Reply
Hello 14 April 2021 12:33
Abel, Bro, you genuinely envy the A14 Bionic's efficiency and performance
0 Reply
Milad 21 June 2021 10:30
Yash, At the same temperature, Exynos destroys Snapdragon
0 Reply