Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • GPU: Adreno 740
  • Cores: 8
  • Clock: 3200 MHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 – an 8-core chipset that was announced on November 15, 2022, and is manufactured using a 4-nanometer process technology. It has 1 core Cortex-X3 at 3200 MHz, 2 cores Cortex-A715 at 2800 MHz, 2 cores Cortex-A710 at 2800 MHz, and 3 cores Cortex-A510 at 2000 MHz.


CPU Performance
Gaming Performance
Battery life
NanoReview Score


Performance tests in popular benchmarks

AnTuTu 10

The AnTuTu Benchmark measures CPU, GPU, RAM, and I/O performance in different scenarios
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
CPU 387844
GPU 587109
Memory 275831
UX 252948
Total score 1504755

GeekBench 6

The GeekBench test shows raw single-threaded and multithreaded CPU performance
Single-Core Score
Multi-Core Score
Asset compression 210 MB/sec
HTML 5 Browser 153.9 pages/sec
PDF Renderer 153.3 Mpixels/sec
Image detection 128.6 images/sec
HDR 159.7 Mpixels/sec
Background blur 17.1 images/sec
Photo processing 51.9 images/sec
Ray tracing 5.92 Mpixels/sec
Compute Score (GPU)


A cross-platform benchmark that assesses graphics performance in Vulkan (Metal)
3DMark Wild Life Performance
Stability 90%
Graphics test 73 FPS
Score 12344


Table of average FPS and graphics settings in mobile games
PUBG Mobile 90 FPS
Call of Duty: Mobile 60 FPS
Fortnite 56 FPS
Shadowgun Legends 118 FPS
World of Tanks Blitz 120 FPS
Genshin Impact 59 FPS
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 59 FPS
Device ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro
1116 x 2480
We provide average results. FPS may differ, depending on game version, OS and other factors.


Click on the device name to view detailed information
Phones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2AnTuTu v10
1. OnePlus Ace 2 Pro1746499
2. ZTE Nubia Red Magic 8S Pro1714767
3. Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate1640188
4. Oppo Find X6 Pro1619938
5. Realme GT51617061
6. Xiaomi Mix Fold 31611871
7. Xiaomi 131562116
8. Vivo X90 Pro Plus1557280
9. Asus ROG Phone 71554991
10. Xiaomi 13 Ultra1550310


Detailed specifications of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC with Adreno 740 graphics


Architecture 1x 3.2 GHz – Cortex-X3
2x 2.8 GHz – Cortex-A715
2x 2.8 GHz – Cortex-A710
3x 2 GHz – Cortex-A510
Cores 8
Frequency 3200 MHz
Instruction set ARMv9-A
L2 cache 1 MB
L3 cache 8 MB
Process 4 nanometers
TDP 6.3 W
Manufacturing TSMC


GPU name Adreno 740
Architecture Adreno 700
GPU frequency 680 MHz
Execution units 2
Shading units 1280
Total shaders 2560
FLOPS 3481.6 Gigaflops
Vulkan version 1.1
OpenCL version 2.0
DirectX version 12.1


Memory type LPDDR5X
Memory frequency 4200 MHz
Bus 4x 16 Bit
Max bandwidth 64 Gbit/s
Max size 24 GB

Multimedia (ISP)

Neural processor (NPU) Hexagon
Storage type UFS 3.1, UFS 4.0
Max display resolution 3840 x 2160
Max camera resolution 1x 200MP
Video capture 8K at 30FPS, 4K at 120FPS
Video playback 8K at 60FPS, 4K at 120FPS
Video codecs H.264, H.265, AV1, VP8, VP9
Audio codecs AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV


Modem Snapdragon X70
4G support LTE Cat. 24
5G support Yes
Download speed Up to 10000 Mbps
Upload speed Up to 3500 Mbps
Wi-Fi 7
Bluetooth 5.3
Navigation GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS, NAVIC


Announced November 2022
Class Flagship
Model number SM8550-AB
Official page Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 official site
    - There's also the "Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy," which only differs by having a 160 MHz higher CPU clock and a 39 MHz higher GPU clock, resulting in 3681 GFLOPS for the GPU. Generally, you won't notice this difference in real-life usage, including games.


Nick 02 February 2023 20:27
If they are not waiting for the S23 Ultra benchmarks to upload the correct numbers, I don't even know what to think about the reason why the numbers they've given are that low in comparison to the raw strength of the chipset.
+44 Reply
Joshua 10 February 2023 23:38
The only thing I can think of is that Samsung decided to not use the full 100% of 8gen 2 power due to a better battery but other than that I really don't know.
+25 Reply
Nick 16 February 2023 21:28
Joshua, It really seems like that's the case. Either way, chippers nowadays have very little difference in terms of raw performance, so sacrificing a bit of that performance for more battery life is the wisest option. However, this ranking should be about the maximum the chips have to offer.
+9 Reply
Chipset company 29 January 2023 14:12
8 Gen 2 is definitely impressive Because its core structure is impressive 1+4+3( 1 Main core, 2+2= 4 performance core, and 3 efficiency core). 1+4+3 that means 🤔 I+ Love+ You 🤭🤫
+45 Reply
Voided 26 January 2023 19:25
Can someone give me a comparison between the Apple M2 and the 8 gen 2 I've been thinking about getting an iPad 12.9 6th gen instead of the one plus 11?
+24 Reply
alright 28 January 2023 19:10
y r u comparing a phone and an iPad? ofc the m2 is more powerful but then in a real-life experience sd 8 gen 2 won't have much difference, to be honest.
+15 Reply
MKPROHD 21 April 2023 13:00
They are made for entirely different functions, if you want to buy a phone, then why consider a tablet? performance is not the only thing that you should consider, it'll be kinda like comparing a laptop with a laptop chip like Ryzen 9 7940HS with an M2 iPad, the laptop absolutely thrashes the M2, but that doesn't mean the iPad is trash now.
+3 Reply
androidos 22 November 2022 16:57
8 gen 2 even had 1.3 mils in one bench I saw on the gsm arena.
+10 Reply
kitty <3 16 November 2022 19:31
finally surpassed a14, a13 took them 3 years wth
+13 Reply
Yi Long Ma 18 November 2022 15:10
Well, Snapdragon may have passed the a14 and a13 in terms of CPU for "3 years," but one thing that Snapdragon is dominating is its GPU, and holy, even the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 beats the A16 in 3D Mark Wild Life at 1440p. Imagine what the 8 Gen 2 and 8+ Gen 2 would do in the GPU department, which is why Snapdragon dominates the GPU section!
+37 Reply
S22ultra user 22 November 2022 05:43
Yi Long Ma, where surpassed a16 in 3d mark? a16 can be rock stable at 60 fps in any game, sdg2 struggles.
+7 Reply
User 29 November 2022 22:06
S22ultra user, Lol, neither u have an iphone 14 pro nor any sd 8gen 2 phone released globally.
+7 Reply
Just a comment 19 January 2023 17:24
Yi Long Ma, On which planet? Because their main difference is the power consumption, and the 1-2W less power consumption also gives the opportunity to Apple to run the game on stable performance for longer. A good GPU only counts if your CPU is not weak. Just calculate the percent of the CPU side if you need about 1500 Geekbench score performance. One of them will run on 100% the other is only on 80%, that 300-400Mhz clock speed difference is visible in power consumption/heat generation too and the GPU can also throttle because of the extra heat from the CPU side.
+4 Reply
Parmeswar 25 June 2023 15:21
S22ultra user, Because they don't have their own OS for their chipset that's why their performance is not satisfied.
0 Reply